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Mia Hamm's Review Page, TEST 2007

Discussion Phase

Hello Mia Hamm. The chair indicated that one of the submissions on your watch list requires additional discussion.

Submissions on your watch list
W [Discuss*] [Review] 1. On Obfuscating Point Functions 03/07 00:29[RE]
W [Discuss*] [Revise] 5. A sufficient condition for key-privacy 03/07 00:29[DI](4)
W [Discuss ] [Revise] 16. Narrow T-functions 03/07 00:29[MA]
W [Discuss*] [Revise] 27. Tag-KEM/DEM: A New Framework for Hybrid Encryption 03/07 00:29[AC](4.8)
W [Discuss*] [Review] 31. The Vector Decomposition Problem for Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curves 03/07 00:29[AC]
W [Discuss*] [Review] 33. A Flexible Framework for Secret Handshakes 03/07 00:29[RE]
W [Discuss*] [Review] 35. Concurrent Composition of Secure Protocols in the Timing Model 03/07 00:29[RE]
W [Discuss*] [Review] 54. Key Derivation and Randomness Extraction 03/07 00:29[MR]

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