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Function_2D::Gabor Class Reference

Gabor filter (normalized gaussian modulated by a sine: ). More...

#include <gabor.h>

Inheritance diagram for Function_2D::Gabor:

Function_2D::Filter_interface_2D Function_2D::Base_2D List of all members.

Public Methods

 Gabor::Gabor (const real_type center_x=0, const real_type center_y=0, const real_type sigma_x=1, const real_type sigma_y=1, const real_type orientation_angle=0, const real_type w_phase=0, const real_type w_length=1)
void set_phase (const real_type p)
void set_wave_length (const real_type w)

Protected Methods

virtual real_type base_value_proxy (const real_type x, const real_type y) const

Protected Attributes

real_type phase
 Phase of the sine.

real_type wave_length

Detailed Description

Gabor filter (normalized gaussian modulated by a sine: ).

Member Function Documentation

Gabor::real_type Function_2D::Gabor::base_value_proxy const real_type    x,
const real_type    y
const [inline, protected, virtual]

Implements Function_2D::Base_2D.

Function_2D::Gabor::Gabor::Gabor const real_type    center_x = 0,
const real_type    center_y = 0,
const real_type    sigma_x = 1,
const real_type    sigma_y = 1,
const real_type    orientation_angle = 0,
const real_type    w_phase = 0,
const real_type    w_length = 1

void Function_2D::Gabor::set_phase const real_type    p [inline]

void Function_2D::Gabor::set_wave_length const real_type    w [inline]

Member Data Documentation

real_type Function_2D::Gabor::phase [protected]

Phase of the sine.

real_type Function_2D::Gabor::wave_length [protected]

Wave length of the sine divided by sigma_x (i.e. the wave length is scaled consistently according to sigma_x).

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