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Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Array_2D< T, A >Class representing a 2D array
Array_3D< T, A >Class representing a 3D array
Basic_color< RGB_converter >
Bilateral_filter< Space_weight_function, Data_weight_function >
Black_or_white< Color >Function object that returns black (false) or white (true) according to the parameter
Channel_image< N, Real, Channel_meaning >
Color_to_grey< Color, Grey >Function object that converts a color in a grey level
Geometry::Compare_coordinate< Vector, N >< on the Nth coordinate
Grey_level_color< Real >
Grey_to_color< Grey, Color >Function object. Inverse of Color_to_grey
HSV_color< Real >
Geometry::Hvec2< Real >Represents a vector of dimension 2 with Real homogeneous coordinates
Geometry::Hvec3< Real >Represents a vector of dimension 3 with Real homogeneous coordinates
Luv_color< Real >
Geometry::Matrix< N_row, N_col, Real >
RGB_channel_image< Real >
RGB_color< Real >
RGB_converter_to_grey_level< Real >Class to create a grey level "color"
RGB_converter_to_HSV< Real >Class to create a HSV color
RGB_converter_to_Luv< Real >Class to create a Luv color
RGB_converter_to_RGB< Real >Class to create a RGB color
RGB_converter_to_XYZ< Real >Class to create a XYZ color
Geometry::Square_matrix< N, Real >
Geometry::Vec< N, Real >
Geometry::Vec2< Real >Represents a vector of dimension 2 with Real coordinates
Geometry::Vec3< Real >Represents a vector of dimension 3 with Real coordinates
XYZ_color< Real >

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