Siamak Tazari's Teaching Activities

 Current Teaching

I am co-teaching 6.889 Algorithms for Planar Graphs and Beyond at MIT this term!

The lectures are being video taped and are available online.

In particular, I have given the following lectures: L05, L06, L07, L09, L10, L16, L17, L22, L24.

 Past Teaching

  • Co-supervisor of Diploma Thesis: "Hypergraphinvarianten und -Algorithmen", Lukas Moll, HU-Berlin, 2010.
  • Organization of Theory Seminar: Metric Embeddings of Graphs, HU-Berlin, Winter 2009/10.
  • Teaching Assistant for "Theoretical Computer Science II", HU-Berlin, Winter 2009/10.
  • Co-supervisor of Diploma Thesis: "A PTAS for Group Steiner Tree Among Fat Regions in the Plane", Zhen Hao, Uni.-Heidelberg, 2008.
  • Occasional Substitute Lecturer for "Efficient Graph Algorithms", "Algorithmic Modelling" and "Foundations of Computing", TU-Darmstadt, 2006-2008.
  • Algorithms Project Course: Wireless Multicasting, TU-Darmstadt, Summer 2007.
  • Graphs and Algorithms, TU-Darmstadt, Summer 2004.
  • Teaching Assistant for "Linear Algebra", "Graphs and Algorithms", and "Introduction to Optimization", TU-Darmstadt, 2002-2006.

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