Tommi S. Jaakkola, Ph.D.
Thomas Siebel Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Stata Center, Bldg 32-G470
Cambridge, MA 02139

tommi at csail dot mit dot edu

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You can view all the papers in reverse chronological order, sets of papers related to broad categories such as machine learning, natural language processing, chemistry, computational biology, or physics, or papers in more specific areas including inference, semi-supervised learning , information retrieval, or reinforcement learning.

Information retrieval papers

  • E. Minkov, B. Charrow, J. Ledlie, S. Teller, and T. Jaakkola.
    Collaborative future event recommendation.
    In International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2010.
  • J. Rennie and T. Jaakkola.
    Using term informativeness for named entity detection.
    In Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR), 2005.
  • N. Srebro and T. Jaakkola.
    Weighted low-rank approximations.
    In Proceedings of the Twentieth International Conference on Machine Learning, 2003.
  • A. Corduneanu and T. Jaakkola.
    Stable mixing of complete and incomplete information.
    MIT AI Memo AIM-2001-030, 2001.
  • T. Jaakkola and H. Siegelmann.
    Active information retrieval.
    In Advances in Neural Information processing systems 14, pages 777--784, 2001.