Tushar Krishna

Cogito ergo sum.

-René Descartes-

About me

Update: I am now an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech since Fall 2015. My new website is here.

I was a post-doctoral researcher at MIT at the SMART LEES center from Jan - Aug 2015, working on CAD for on-chip photonic interconnects.

Prior to that, I spent an year at VSSAD, an advanced path-finding and development group at Intel, Massachusetts.

I received a PhD at MIT in EECS in 2014. My advisor was Prof Li-Shiuan Peh at CSAIL. Prior to that, I was at Princeton University where I completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering in 2009.

I finished my Undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in Electrical Engineering in 2007.

My research interests are in Networks-on-Chip for Multi-core processors.


Email: my-first-name@csail.mit.edu

CV: [pdf]