Tyler Denniston

tyler at csail dot mit dot edu

I am a PhD student in the Commit (Compilers at MIT) group at MIT, advised by Professor Saman Amarasinghe. Previously I worked as an undergraduate in the High Performance Computing Lab at Northeastern Univeristy under Professor Gene Cooperman.

Currently my research interests include programming languages and compilers, distributed systems and supercomputing. In the past I have worked on research projects related to application and virtual machine checkpointing, wireless systems, and reversible debugging.

SM Thesis

Terapixel Image Processing and Simulation with Distributed Halide [pdf]
Tyler Denniston
S.M. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Cambridge, MA. 2016.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Distributed Halide [pdf]
Tyler Denniston, Shoaib Kamil, Saman Amarasinghe.
Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP), 2016.

Optimizing VM Checkpointing for Restore Performance in VMware ESXi. [pdf]
Irene Zhang, Tyler Denniston, Yury Baskakov, Alex Garthwaite.
USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), 2013.

Semi-Automated Debugging via Binary Search Through a Process Lifetime [pdf]
Kapil Arya, Tyler Denniston, Ana-Maria Visan, Gene Cooperman.
Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems (PLOS), 2013.

URDB: A Universal Reversible Debugger Based on Decomposing Debugging Histories [pdf]
Ana-Maria Visan, Kapil Arya, Gene Cooperman, Tyler Denniston.
Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems (PLOS), 2011.