Peng (Perry) Wang ═§┼˘
me CSAIL, The Stata Center
77 Massachusetts Ave, 32-G822
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-803-2025
Email: wangpeng at csail dot mit dot edu

I am a PhD candidate working at MIT CSAIL advised by Prof. Adam Chlipala.

I worked on a verified compiler from a C-like language called Cito to Bedrock. The Cito language supports expressions, usual control-flow constructs(if, while, etc.), dynamically allocated arrays, and function calls via function pointers. The callee functions can be either Cito functions or Bedrock functions written manually or compiled from other compilers. Hence our compiler supports verified compositional compilation. Cito functions can be recursive (self-recursive and/or mutual-recursive). Everything is written and proved in the Coq proof assistant.

Currently I'm designing and implementing a new language called TiML (Timed ML) which is an ML-like (surprise!) language with a type system containing time complexity annotations. Type will prevent you from calling an O(n^2) function when what you want is an O(n*log(n)) one.

In Summer 2014 I interned at Microsoft Research Cambridge mentored by Georges Gonthier on formalizing matrix differentiation with SSReflect and the Math Component Library. The Coq source code is open-sourced.

I got both my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Master of Science (MS) degrees from the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in the year 2010 and 2012 respectively. My MS reserach was in the field of computer vision advised by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Fellow Prof. Bo Zhang.


Spring 2016: TA for MIT 6.887 Formal Reasoning About Programs


Extracting from F* to C: a progress report [ Link ] [ PDF ]
Peng Wang, Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Jean-Karim ZinzindohouĘŽ, Abhishek Anand, CĘŽdric Fournet, Bryan Parno, Jonathan Protzenko, Aseem Rastogi, Nikhil Swamy.
ML 2016

The Facade Language [ PDF ]
Peng Wang.
Technical Report

Compiler Verification Meets Cross-Language Linking via Data Abstraction [ Link ] [ PDF ]
Peng Wang, Santiago Cuellar, Adam Chlipala.

A Real World Detection System: Combining Color, Shape and Appearance to Enable Real-time Road Sign Detection [ Link ] [ PDF ]
Peng Wang, Jianmin Li, Bo Zhang.



Inspired by Adam Chlipala's Book Log, here is my Book Log listing the books I have read or am reading (unexhaustive).