Yaron Meirovitch

Postdoc Associate CSAIL MIT, CBS Harvard

I'm taking part in the Harvard-MIT effort to approximate the connectome of the mouse cortex. I'm working with Prof. Nir Shavit at the Theory Group (TOC) at CSAIL MIT on a pipeline automating accurate representations of neural tissue structures, such as nanometer-scale neurons' morphology and synaptic connections, in close collaboration with Jeff Lichtman and Samuel Aravi from Harvard University.

In the past I worked with Prof. Tamar Flash from the Applied Mathematics and Computer Scienece department at Weizmann Institute of Science on the geometry and optimality of human movement.

: yaronm@mit dott edu

: yaron.mr@ gmail

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Selected Talks & Publications

  • Mask-Extend: a Deep learning shape-based inference of neuron morphology. A Multi-Pass Approach to Large-Scale Connectomics (2016)
  • Motor Compositionality and Timing: Combined Geometrical and Optimization Approaches. Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems pdf (2018)
  • Geoemtrical Invariance and Smoothness Maximization for Task-Space Movement Generation. Trans. on Robotics (2016)
  • Alpha and Beta Band Event-Related Desynchronization Reflects Kinematic Regularities. Journal of Neuroscience pdf (2015)
  • Models of Human Movement: Trajectory Planning and Inverse Kinematics Studies. Robotics and Autonomous Systems (2013)
  • Invariance and Optimality in Motor Production and Perception. Harvard Center for Brain Science (2014)