I'm a postdoctoral associate at MIT CSAIL working with Ruth Rosenholtz. I've completed my graduate training in the Computational Vision & Psychophysics Lab at Rutgers, under the supervision of Melchi Michel. I study human visual perception using both artifical (e.g., gratings and noise fields --like the one at the top right of the screen) and naturalistic stimuli. My research primarily focuses on the mechanisms of peripheral vision and visual search. I use computational models (e.g., ideal observers) and behavioral techniques (e.g., eye-tracking and psychophysics).

I earned M.S. degrees in Statistics (2016) and in Cognitive Psychology (2015) from Rutgers, and completed the Cognitive Science Certificate Program at RuCCS (advised by Eileen Kowler). Previously, I earned an M.A. in Psychological Sciences (2013) from Bogazici University, Istanbul (advised by Aysecan Boduroglu).



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory
32 Vassar St., Building 32-D540
Cambridge, MA 02139