Zvika Marx - the Home Page

Starting August 2006: Research Scientist, shopping.com (an eBay company), Netanya, Israel

Here I work on automated and semi-automated creation of product catalogs for e-commerce

February 2005 -- July 2006: Postdoc, CS & AI Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I worked on developing methods for transfer learning.
The idea was to build a system that can learn to perform a task in one domain,
and then transfer some of what it has learned to improve its performance in a new domain.
This task is part of CALO project.
I worked on it together with Mike Rosenstein, supervised by Leslie Kaelbling
and Tom Dietterich from Oregon State University.

February 2004 -- January 2005: Postdoc, Proteus Project, New York University

The focus of my research in NYU has been developing semi-supervised learning methods
and applying them for Named Entity recognition.
My supervisor was Satoshi Sekine.

For several years prior to that I was a PhD Student in the Neural Computation PhD Program, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
supervisors: Eli Shamir, Ido Dagan)

e-mail: marxzv / gmail