4.6. Chapter Summary

This chapter has provided an introduction to Bluetooth programming with BlueZ. The concepts covered in chapter 2 were presented here in greater detail with examples on how to implement them in BlueZ. Many other useful aspects of BlueZ were left out for brevity. Specifically, the command line tools and utilities that are distributed with BlueZ, such as hciconfig, hcitool, sdptool, and hcidump, are not described here. These utilities, which are invaluable to a serious Bluetooth developer, are already well documented. Only the simplest aspects of using the Service Discovery Protocol were covered - just enough to search for and advertise services. Additionally, other socket types such as BTPROTO_SCO and BTPROTO_BNEP were left out, as they are not crucial to forming a working knowledge of programming with BlueZ. Unfortunately, as of now there is no official API reference to refer to, so more curious readers are advised to download and examine the BlueZ source code [1].



available at http://www.bluez.org