Mohammad Alizadeh

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Mohammad Alizadeh
TIBCO Career Development Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

32 Vassar Street, 32-G920
Cambridge, MA 02139

I am an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department at MIT, and a member of CSAIL. Before joining MIT, I completed my Ph.D. at Stanford University, and spent a couple of years at a datacenter networking startup, Insieme Networks, and Cisco. You can find my CV here.

Research: I work in the areas of computer networks and systems. My research aims to improve the performance, robustness, and ease of management of future networks and cloud computing systems. My current research centers on network protocols and algorithms for large-scale datacenters, programmable switching architectures, and learning-based networked systems. I am also broadly interested in performance modeling and analysis of computer systems and bridging theory and practice in computer system design.

A full list of papers is available here.

If you are interested in working with me: Please apply to the EECS graduate program and mention my name in your application. If you are already at MIT, please send me an email and we can arrange a time to meet.

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