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I study motion representation, analysis and synthesis during my doctorial thesis at MIT. I am especially curious in exploring middle-level representations such as layers and contours for motion analysis/synthesis. In addition, it is important to obtain motion ground-truth to pave a solid fourndation for any analysis. There are two important application fields for motion analysis. One is advanced video editing where object motion can be manipulated and rerendered. The other is object recogition, where motion serves as an importnt cue for segmentation and identification. Please come back to this page often to see cool new stuff! --Ce Liu

Motion projects

C. Liu, W. T. Freeman, E. H. Adelson and Y. Weiss. Human-assisted motion annotation. To appear in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2008. Oral presentation. [pdf] [webpage]

C. Liu, W. T. Freeman and E. H. Adelson. Analysis of contour motions. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2006. Oral presentation. Outstanding Student Paper Award. [pdf] [ppt] [webpage]
C. Liu, A. Torralba, W.T . Freeman, F. Durand and E. H. Adelson. Motion magnification. ACM SIGGRAPH 2005, pp. 519-526, 2005. [pdf] [ppt] [webpage]

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