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ll1-discuss@ai.mit.edu mailing list

Dear LL1 attendees,

First of all, thanks to everyone, especially the presenters, for an
interesting, enlightening, provocative workshop!

A few people indicated a desire to continue the conversation, so I've
set up a mailing list, ll1-discuss@ai.mit.edu, and put all the
attendees that I know of on the list.  This email is being sent to
ll1-discuss@ai.mit.edu.  Posts to the list are restricted to list
subscribers only.

To unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo@ai.mit.edu, with the command
"unsubscribe ll1-discuss" as the body.  For general help on mailing
list commands, send mail to majordomo@ai.mit.edu with the command
"help" as the body.

If you have opinions about the mailing list, send me mail.

Thanks again for an excellent workshop!
Greg      gregs@ai.mit.edu (617)253-5807
Sullivan  http://www.ai.mit.edu/~gregs/