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Re: [NOISE] Curly braces [was Re: Curl]

"MM" == Morgan McGuire <morgan3d@yahoo.com> writes:

  MM> I think one reason "well designed" languages aren't always popular is
  MM> that they tend to be really good for writing compilers and standard
  MM> libraries, but not necessarily the kinds of applications users care
  MM> about.  This is because language designers are frequently language
  MM> implementers, and in that role we fix the rough edges that make our
  MM> languages hard to bootstrap themselves.  Because we don't write
  MM> database apps and video games, we often fail to make languages that are
  MM> well suited to these tasks.

FWIW, when I asked the AspectJ team if they used their own product, they
replied that they did not. Their rationale was that they didn't want to
create a language that was (just) good for writing compilers.

--- Vladimir

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