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Re: Coroutines

1. We now know that Strachey wasn't the only one to discover continuations
   on the inside of the interpreter As John once told me: "He told Strachey
   that he (JR) wasn't the only one who *didn't* claim to have discovered

   That's not connected to having catch/call-cc in your language. 

   It's also true that you do NOT need continuations to model
   catch/call-cc. You can do it with a very different semantics with
   pleasing properties. Sorry. 

2. Church didn't come close to continuations, though as Griffin discovered
   working with me, some logicians did. They embedded a part of classical
   logic into constructive logic and *that* turned out to be like cps-ing. 
   Oops wrong mailing list. 

   What Church discovered was that every binding position can be replaced
   with a primtive symbol plus a lambda: 

   (forall (x:Set) Claim) => (forall* (lambda (x:Set) Claim))
   (exists (x:Set) Claim) => (exists* (lambda (x:Set) Claim))
   etc. That makes compiler writing a bit simpler, as Guy will validate. 

-- Matthias