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Spam protection on ll1-list?

Hello. I'm subscribed to the ll1-discuss mailing list. Due to technical
reasons, my subscription address <nether@iname.com> is different from my
"real" personal e-mail address <la@iki.fi>. It seems that my posts to the
lists are ignored (or possibly deferred and pending for human approval),
since the mail isn't outwardly sent by a subscriber.

I understand that this is a measure to protect the list from spam, but it is
very annoying, since Majordomo doesn't support "post-only" subscriptions,
unlike ezmlm or Mailman.

Is there anything that could be done to deal with the problem? Either
disable the spam protection, or add la@iki.fi to some whitelist, or migrate
to a better mailing list manager? I would rather like to be able to
participate in the discussion without either propagating the wrong email
address or abusing iki.fi mail redirection services, which are only meant
for personal mail, not for lists.


Lauri Alanko