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Re: Optional types

At 05:50 PM 12/7/2001 -0500, Ken Anderson wrote:
>My felling was that the compiler was just finding the bugs i'd find the 
>first time i ran it, which is usually immediately after i write it.

Hah! Lucky you. Usually those sorts of bugs pop up for me in the error 
handlers. At 3 AM. On a Sunday. When the cats have knocked stuff on top of 
the phone so it can't be heard when it rings. (What, me, and old, bitter, 
and cynical sysadmin? 'Course not, I'm not old... :)

I'd love it if a language had separate requirements for mainline and 
exception handling code chunks. Exception code should have the strictest 
possible type checking and error tolerance turned on. I'd go so far as to 
have it enforce a whitespace indenting style for code in the code blocks. 
That wouldn't *stop* the wacky errors, but at least they'd be rarer and 
more interesting...


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