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RE: Java

At 12:30 PM 12/10/01, Morgan McGuire wrote:
> > >____ is so much more convenient and easy to use than Java
> >
> > * First-class functions
>FYI, Java 2's anonymous classes nicely fill the gap made by first class
>functions.  In Java, you can create a closure and pass it around just
>the way you would with a first class function.  Considering the
>language doesn't *have* functions, using classes as closures makes more
>sense than introducing functions, although it is a little verbose.

Actually, I dispute "nicely".  I've just been rewriting a very "functional"
Dylan program in Java for my own entertainment, and the "replace a
first-class function with an anonymous class" has been the single
most annoying thing I have had to do.

What could be nicer than
   do-lines(write-line, buffer) ?