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What design is: 911 vs. Fleetwood

Paul Graham writes:

 > The result is that the dufuses often end up using a
 > language that wasn't designed for them, often with
 > disastrous results.  Something similar happened with
 > the Porsche 911.  It was basically a racing car.  The
 > serious car people loved it.  The dufuses noticed this
 > and so they wanted 911s too, which was a problem 
 > because the car had major oversteer.  A lot of wannabees 
 > got killed as a result.  

 > Our plan for Arc is, design the Porsche 911.  If you do
 > that, eventually all the drug dealers will want it too, 
 > even though the Cadillac Fleetwood was the car designed
 > for them.

So, what exactly is the "oversteer" problem in Arc?  Continuations,

++ Ken Williams