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Re: Libraries and repositories

If it's only a couple lines, could you send us a def of
defmacro in terms of syntax-case?

--- Shriram Krishnamurthi <sk@cs.brown.edu> wrote:
> Paul, I think you're conflating (and confusing) two unrelated
> concepts.  Hygiene is neither necessary nor sufficient for pattern
> matching.  You can have hygienic macro systems that expose the
> underlying list structure (almost all the way); likewise, you can
> have
> pattern-matching systems that are not hygienic.  Furthermore,
> hygienic
> systems permit unhygienic escapes, and pattern-matching macros often
> permit s-expression manipulation.
> SYNTAX-CASE, which is both hygienic and pattern-based, permits
> hygiene-escapes and list manipulation with a minimum of fuss. 
> Indeed,
> defining something like DEFMACRO in SYNTAX-CASE is itself a matter of
> only a few lines.  For the most part, both patterns and hygiene are
> extremely useful and don't get in the way, so SYNTAX-CASE optimizes
> for the common case: a solid design principle.  And it permits escape
> also with a few lines: another solid design principle.  So what's not
> to like?
> Shriram

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