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RE: .NET CLR? was no subject

That is probably the unfortunate truth.  

John Gough, the author of the aforementioned book, is a Dean of Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology, and has vast experience in building compilers, including their Component Pascal for .NET.  

By contrast, the Python implementation was a very na´ve initial implementation by it's author's own admission.  

The Jscript folks did do a reasonable performing implementation on the CLR, so it is possible, although I think we can make it better or at least easier in the future.

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> On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 18:50, Michael Vanier wrote:
> > Eric Kidd mentioned the case of Eiffel.  My understanding 
> > is that even though the Eiffel people managed to create a
> > .NET version of Eiffel with MI and DBC, they had to go
> > through some pretty major hoops to do so.
> I'm still waiting for my "Compiling for the .NET CLR" book 
> with all the answers. ;-)

Maybe if the ActiveState people had gotten this book they
would have had better performance with their Python.NET
implementation...  ;-)