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Dr. Dobb's Journal is doing LL CD - any suggestions?

Title: Dr. Dobb's Journal is doing LL CD - any suggestions?
Hello, everyone.

I'm Kevin Carlson from Dr. Dobb's Journal. We're putting together a Lightweight Languages CD -- It's still in the planning stages, and we were looking for some input from the folks most involved in this area. And that's definitely the folks in this discussion group.

We envision the CD as a collection of the best articles from DDJ and sister publications that focus on the languages that were discussed in the workshop (as well as any others that qualify as lightweight). Plus the best papers we can gather from any other sources. We're also planning on including the language implementations themselves. (or as many as we can fit on the CD, anyway)

And that brings me to my question for this group: If you had to pick the best five papers on any lightweight language, what would they be?

Thanks in advance,

-Kevin Carlson