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Re: Question about grad schools.

Edinburgh is the birthplace of ML and they still do a
lot of ML work.  It's also the top rated CS department
in the most recent UK research assessment.



--- Lauri Alanko <la@iki.fi> wrote:
> Does anyone have recommendations on european
> schools? US is a trifle too far
> from home for some of us.
> I'm aware of Chalmers and INRIA, of course, since
> both are fairly prolific
> on Haskell- and OCaml-related stuff and automated
> reasoning. And Glasgow
> obviously used to have some big names, but they've
> since moved to research
> labs, so I'm not sure if it's such an interesting
> place any longer.
> Any others?
> Lauri Alanko
> la@iki.fi

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