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Re: Accumulator

   > Personally, I find both to be very good and very useful for the kinds
   > of things they are targeted at. I think the real shame is 'language
   > designers' who've never built real applications (let me modify
   > that.. language designers who've built ONE or TWO applications)
   > extrapolate from their experience to decide what should be good for

   Hmm.  Wonder if this is supposed to be me.  

Nope. I didn't mean anyone personally. It's just been my observation
over the years. (And this is not just an issue w/ "language designers"
- I could replace that with "operating system designers", or "gui
framework designers" etc., and get much the same flavor of what I was
trying to say across. And then we wonder as an industry why computers
are hard to use, and hard to network, maintain, program to do
innovative things etc. :)