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Re: Accumulator [layering of closures]

>This is a Perl vs. Perl comparison that highlights object style
>vs. functional style.  What's interesting here is that the code
>that *uses* these modules is a lot simpler, because the transformations
>are described declaratively in setup code.  A lot of the standard
>options are simplified because they are implemented through the
>layering of closures by the module user rather than done with lots
>of option-checking by the module author.

could you ellaborate on "implemented through the layering of closures by 
the module user", or give an example, please.
Sounds nice; I just can't get the feeling of how "layering of closures" is 
actually done. thankful for some illustrations of that principle, or a link 
to where to read more on this.

Regards /Henning