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Re: Accumulator

   Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 12:45:11 -0700
   From: Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net>
   X-Accept-Language: en
   To: Guy Steele - Sun Microsystems Labs <Guy.Steele@sun.com>, 
   Subject: Re: Accumulator

   Guy Steele - Sun Microsystems Labs wrote:
   > I am puzzled.  Could you please elaborate on what you
   > mean by "decreasing the regularity"?
   Sure. But I won't get drawn into a debate on it because I've been
   through the debate often enough on Python mailing lists.
   Simply when you pick up someone else's code, how much does it look like
   the Python you are used to? This is a subtle issue because obviously we
   can't force everyone to use the same function names. But we can add a
   large library so that people feel less need to reinvent things. And we
   can make the language syntactically rich enough that they feel less
   inclined to reinvent primitives (e.g. exceptions, generators, maybe
   someday coroutines). ...

Ah, I see; thank you.  I wasn't sure whether you were
usng "regularity" to mean "familiarity/standardization"
(which is what you seem to mean after all) or "internal
design consistency" or "orthogonality of design/
separation of concerns".

--Guy Steele