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RE: succinctness = power

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> michael wrote:
> > This is why I don't like the word "succinctness"; most people think it
> > means syntactic succinctness e.g. like in the obfuscated C code con-
> > tests.
> quoting merriam-webster:
>     CONCISE suggests the removal of all that is super-
>     fluous or elaborative. TERSE implies pointed concise-
>     ness. SUCCINCT implies the greatest possible com-
>     pression.
> given this definition, does anyone still think that a programming
> language designed for human beings should aim for the greatest
> possible compression?

Ah, so you're saying that your succinct response of "nonsense" to PaulG's
message was in fact a lossily-compressed version of the statement "nonsense,
the correct word is 'conciseness'" ??