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RE: accumulator generator (Java)

>On a completely different note, has anyone else seen the work Chris Double 
>has been doing with GOO (nee Proto) and .NET? 

Thanks Dan. Here's a link to the latest:


It was pretty painless to get it running initially using Managed C++. The goal was to not change the Goo generated C code if possible. Because of that goal I was unable to get the .NET garbage collector working for Goo objects. Garbage collectable objects (Managed objects in .NET speak) are created in Managed C++ using a special keyword __gc:

  __gc class MyClass {};

Because Goo is written in 'C' I couldn't find a way of allocating managed memory. So I use the Boehm collector for Goo objects and the .NET collector for any .NETobjects created. A backend for Goo written completely in Managed C++ would get around this but I wasn't keen on doing quite that much work.

The current version of Goo on .NET allows calling most of the .NET framework using a C# program that generates the Goo wrapper code given an assembly. 


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