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Re: "static" declaration

>>>>> "SN" == Sundar Narasimhan <sundar@ascent.com> writes:

  SN> Jeremy -- you are talking about "knowing all instance
  SN> variables", but I think others are talking about "readability"
  SN> with a view toward understanding what a piece of code does
  SN> (potentially in order to find what's broken in it, or extending
  SN> it). Different sets of issues.

The thread started with Dan's complaint that in Perl he can't easily
answer the question: "what are the instance variables of this class?"
I thought it was interesting to pursue why that was an interesting

As I said in my previous post, I don't believe that knowing all the
instance variables has much affect on readability.  Kragen offered an
explanation for why it is, in fact, a factor for Perl.