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RE: 99 bottles

How about a _readable_ version, though? 

Here's a version done in REBOL:


This script recreates the song faithfully (with an extra bit of flair) in 15 easy-as-pie lines of code.

Using REBOL/Core (280 Kb, runs on 43 platforms: http://www.rebol.com/platforms.html or see http://www.reboltech.com/downloads/), you can just type at the interpreter command line:

	do http://www.reboltech.com/library/scripts/beersong.r  

Want it smaller? Don't bother rewriting it-- maybe just compress it:

	write %beerzip.r compress read http://www.reboltech.com/library/scripts/beersong.r  
	;; (file shrinks from 618 bytes to 320)
	do decompress read/binary %beerzip.r

// Ed