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Accomodation needed the nights of November 8th and 9th

Hello all!

I'm coming to Boston for LL2 and will be flying in on Friday night and
out on Sunday afternoon. I need accomodation on a budget... my employer
is NOT financing this trip :-/

I tried Hostelling International as suggested on the LL1 web page,
however (a) they are now $32 a night, and (b) they have a three night
minimum :-(

I have a bedroll... Can anyone suggest something more affordable or
offer a couch/floor for a fellow attendee?

Thanks in advance...

Reginald Braithwaite-Lee
Work: 416 962-2049 x426 <rlee@infobal.com>
Personal: 416 82-REG-88 <reg@braithwaite-lee.com>

If I didn't have my part-time performance art income to help pay the
bills, I could never afford to support my programming lifestyle. --Jeff
Bauer, 21 Apr 2000 

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