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Re: Typed exceptions

Paul Steckler writes:
> MrFlow, the forthcoming successor to MrSpidey, uses type for
> primitives to guide its analysis.  The assumption is that type
> schemes represent truly parametric-polymorphic functions, so that
> information from a type variable in negative position flows to the
> same type variable in positive position.  So info could flow from
> your x and y on the left to the x+y on the right.

Does MrFlow do any analysis to track which exceptions can get raised?
Francois Passaux wrote a tool, Ocamlexc, that does this for Ocaml.
The paper abstracts say it uses a combination of effect system and
flow-based analysis to do the exception analysis. It's quite neat --
it can even connect each possible exception to a source location (it
has a GUI browser program to automate this). From your description it
sounds like you guys already have most of the necessary infrastructure
in place to do something similar in DrScheme.

Neel Krishnaswami