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(set-employer! sethg nil)

I thought that since I had a job in academia, I was safe from the 
recession, but alas, my little corner of academia faces some stiff 
competition in the next grant cycle, and my position was eliminated.

Does anyone on this list know of any openings for not-quite-entry-level 
programmers in the Boston area?  My professional experience so far has 
been with Perl and Java, but I wouldn't mind a chance to learn something 

My most boast-worthy skills, I think, are:

(1) I can communicate clearly in English -- specs, documentation, all 
that good stuff -- instead of churning out job-security code.

(2) I have a portfolio of code, documentation, and design work, which I 
can bring to an interview, so you can get a good idea of my skills.

(3) I play nicely with others.  I don't take "here's a problem with your 
code" as a personal insult.

My resume is at "http://ropine.com/sethg/cv.html";.

Thank y'all for your attention.