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Re: A language idea: Elle

   >- lightweight languages seem to be great for scripting "other"
   >  systems, so perhaps there is a way of innovatively combining client
   >  interfaces and back-end server processes?
   >(ps. you can perhaps sense where I'm going -- drop the buzzwords,
   >Java/XML etc. concentrate on the problem.. solve that, and the rest
   >will follow :)
   If (I'm not sure) you are saying that Java and XML are worthless 
   technologies, merely
   "buzzwords", I do not agree.  If you are saying that the important thing 
   is to solve
   the problem, rather than to pre-decide to use Java and XML merely 
   because they
   are frequently-mentioned, I agree.

The latter. And more importantly, because Java/XML, .Net etc. have
vocal proponents and opponents, including such technologies at the
fragile/initial stages of one's proposal is likely to attract some but
also turn-off segments of people whose feedback might be really
valuable. Also, once the idealogues get involved, debates have a
horrible way of getting diverted into side-tracks. 

I don't mean to imply that Reginald was throwing them in for buzzword
content either.. Java and XML do currently hold the mind share of
enterprise developers (although some might say that the winds are
shifting -- w/ the productivity improvements possible w/ the MSFT set
of tools) and if Elle depends on them critically (like the
JScheme/BBN people mentioned) then by all means showing off such
strengths is good. But if they are peripheral to the vision -- to the
solution -- leave them out to focus on the core problems at hand.