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Re: Y Store now C++

Sundar Narasimhan wrote:

>To cut a long story short, I completely disagree that Java was written
>for applets 
Indeed, I explicitly said that it was not written for applets.

>or marketed solely as that. Sun may certainly have done
>some of this during the internet boom,
Indeed, they did.  A lot.

> but smart people did NOT move
>to Java because of applets 
Well, I should have explained myself better. Indeed, a lot of them never 
did write
applets. There was a two step process. First, Java achieved rapid prominence
because of its relationship with the whole WWW explosion in general, and its
relationship with Netscape in particular.  Second, people saw Java 
gaining prominence
and that started the network-effect snowball-rolling phenomenon.

Java was hardly the only language to provide important benefits over C/C++,
but the reason that it reached such a wide level of acceptance is because it
reached a wide level of acceptance, and the reason for THAT is that it 
to ride on the WWW/Netscape wave, for which it was not originally intended.

Indeed, applets (browser-side Java in general) never turned out to be nearly
as important as they once seemed
that they might be, not for lack of trying on the part of Sun or 
Netscape, and
indeed basically nobody made money off applets.