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Re: Wrong business model?

>So it seems to me that a better "second half strategy" would be: 
>3) License the product to a big company. 
>3a) Be sure to charge them for what the product is /worth/ to /them/. This will be more (perhaps even a LOT >more) than what it costs you to maintain and extend the product. 
>3b) Say nothing about the language used to implement the product. Tell them that it is confidential >information, part of your competitive advantage. Keep all discussion at the feature level and refuse to talk >with them about implementation. (OK, I am exagerating for emphasis here.) 
>4) Repeat, using the excess money from the licensing income stream to fund the next product. 
This is pretty much what ITA is doing.  The risk there, of course, is that the underlying market will change, so you'd better be serious about #4, or darn certain that you'll never become obsolete.