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Re: Y Store /Closures

In accordance with Greenspun's 10th rule, why
didn't they add closures to their run time environment?
Any number of books cover implementations of 
closures and nested scoping (as in Pascal)...

> From: Paul Graham <pg@archub.org>
> Date: 2003/02/25 Tue AM 07:19:36 CST
> To: mvanier@cs.caltech.edu
> CC: ll1-discuss@ai.mit.edu
> Subject: Re: Y Store now C++

> BTW, I should add that most Y Store users still probably
> use the Lisp version at this point.  They're doing a 
> gradual rollout, and you have to explicitly choose to
> "upgrade" to the new version.  The feature they had to take
> out because of closures is actually a fairly important one,
> so I suspect many users never will upgrade.  
> --pg