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RE: RE: Y Store /Closures

> --Christopher Barber wrote:
> > > Mike: Actually, I'd like to know precisely how closures in a language
> > > or how some other features (such as continuations) help build web apps
> > > that cannot be done in other languages w/out such features. Note I say
> > > web apps -- not all apps.
> >
> > What is the difference between a Web app vs other apps?
> >
> Glad you asked: http://www.paulgraham.com/road.html

I thought so.  You are only considering server-side web applications with
very limited client-side capabilities.

To me, a web app is simply an application that is deployed over the web and
run in a browser.  If you include client-side Java, Curl (of course ;-),
Flash and others, then web apps as a class don't look all that different
from other types of applications and can obviously benefit from the same
language features.

- Christopher