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Re: how is polymorphism used?

On 2003-03-13T19:48:59-0500, Alan Bawden wrote:
> It's clear that this is a possibility, but I don't recall any cases from my
> own experience where the system inferred a more general type than I had in
> mind, and where this was a symptom of a bug rather than merely being
> unanticipated generality.  I'd be interested in seeing a really compelling
> example.  (Note that I'm not disagreeing with anybody here -- I'm just
> saying that I think a good example of this would be interesting to look
> at.)

Unfortunately, I forget the specific examples.  Mostly it has to do with
forgetting to use an argument (often after copying and pasting code)...
Sometimes I would write "x1 == x2 && x1 == x2" rather than "x1 == x2 &&
y1 == y2", or even just "x1 == x2".  I'll watch out for these examples
in the future.

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