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Re: Paul Graham's PyCon Keynote

Impressive.  I drive a SUV that has rounded corners; actually, it
looks more "cute" than "masculine".  Still waiting on the macros
here too, though...

 -- Trevis

Guy Steele - Sun Microsystems Labs wrote:
> A minivan can also transport the synths; it's just that
> a minivan has rounded corners.  (The most recent ones,
> anyway; the original late-1980s minivans were boxier.)
> I just transported two large chests of drawers, four
> 6-foot bookcases, a 2'x5' table, and a vanity, as well
> as seven book boxes and half a dozen trash bags full
> of clothing---and a passenger!---in one minivan load.
> Oh, yes: and a guitar!  And I had headroom (I'm 6'4").
> If only minivans had macros, I'd be all set.
> --Guy Steele, minivan fan