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Re: how small is lightweight?

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 03:14 PM, Christopher Dutchyn wrote:
> I notice that you attempted to use the "minimal language" by excluding
> libraries and extensions, but did you use the "minimal implementation" 
> as
> well?  I recall Gregor Kiczales' comment during the Vancouver Institute
> talk, to the effect that "a complete implementation of PCL is less than
> 10KLOC, but an efficient implementation is more than 300KLOC".  Given 
> wiggle
> room of 1.5 orders of magnitude, all your examples may potentially be 
> in the
> same equivalence class by size.

Hi Christopher,

That's a good point. I'm more interested in a practical definition than 
a theoretical one though. As in, can I download this language from an 
official site and compile and do real work with it without hassles on a 
small device with X(being small) amount of memory? I choose lines of 
source because it's easy to measure and seems to be a reasonable 
(though obviously not ideal) predictor of the answer to that question.

Io, a small language: http://www.iolanguage.com/