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Re: A plea for a new old language

Brent Fulgham wrote
>Dan Sugalski wrote
> > So, the plea. Someone, anyone, *please* thump a procedural and/or OO 
> > language to add in continuations. *Please*. If I had a base of folks 
> > mildly familiar with continuations that didn't have a pavlovian 
> > reaction to them things would be a lot better for me, and while 
> > that's not going to happen maybe it will for the next slob that gets 
> > stuck writing a language core. I'm trying to get Larry to do it with 
> > Perl 6, but that's a ways off. Ruby does them but it's a little-used 
> > feature. Beyond that... well, AFAIK, beyond that there's nothing. And 
> > I'd really like there to be.
> 2)  The New Jersey dialect of SML uses CPS in its implementation.

The very popular Ocaml may have been the right kind
of example for Dan's purposes, but it looks like
it doesn't use CPS (nor does it provide callcc, unlike
the related SML/NJ).  Anyone know for sure?