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Re: PG: Hackers and Painters

At 11:52 AM -0700 5/16/03, Noel Welsh wrote:
>--- Andrew Pimlott <ll1-discuss@andrew.pimlott.net>
>>  I said ... XP folks don't put much stock in design.
>>   ...  you don't seem to see value in the sort of
>>  conceptual unity that is the product of a single
>>  (sometimes, but not normally, more) mind. 
>"What ExtremeProgramming (XP) uses instead of a formal
>architecture. A simple shared story of how the system
>works. This story typically involves a handful of
>classes and patterns that shape the core flow of the
>system being built."

I'm picturing an architect taking the project manager, construction 
engineer, and the major subcontractors for a new skyscraper, sitting 
them down, and starting with "let me tell you a story about a 

XP's "Go for it, good luck, don't forget to write" methodologies have 
some scaling issues.

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