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Re: Questions for Intentsoft

Quoting Ken Anderson <kanderson@bbn.com>:
> http://www.intentsoft.com/

and Matt Hellige:
> http://www.omniscium.com/?page=IntentionalFaq
> I wish I had better info about this...

Oege de Moor has done a lot of the work that connected Aspect-
Oriented Programming with Intentional Programming, via Attribute

I found the talk labeled

  Oege de Moor. Intentional programming. Slides from an invited
  talk recently given for the British Computer Society.

to be a good survey/intro.   Search down the page at


Also, some of Dr de Moor's papers on first class attribute grammars
sounded very intriguing.

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I asked the ether about the IP stuff last April (2002):

and answered myself, last September:

At this point, I'm a little skeptical, because the last news on
the Intentsoft page is from last November, and the last real news
is from the September announcement.  Maybe they need to hire a PR

 -- Doug "not a PR guy" Landauer