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Re: s-exprs + prototypes

What do you mean exactly by (symbol, attached, next)?


> Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 10:46:23 -0700
> From: Steve Dekorte <steve@dekorte.com>
> On Saturday, June 21, 2003, at 10:23 AM, Lieven Marchand wrote:
> > There's a fairly natural isomorphism between trees and lists of lists.
> Well, a tree often has information at the node, while a list does not. 
> You can map either to the other(as well as most any data structure, 
> AFAICS) so the question of which is more appropriate would seem to be a 
> matter of which maps more directly to structure of code. For this a 
> tree with 3 pieces of info(symbol, attached, next) on each node seems 
> to be enough to uniformly represent the semantics of a pure OO language 
> (one where the only operation is a message send).
> Cheers,
> Steve
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