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Re: Just to Clarify the Question - was Mutliple StackArchitectures

At 5:00 PM -0400 8/6/03, Peter J. Wasilko, Esq. wrote:
>The issue I was trying to get at in this thread was: "What hardware
>architecture would provided the best / easiest / most elegant/ most
>secure support for implementing a language that would include first
>class continuations as part of its specification?"
>Also, for sake of this discussion, it can be assumed that the language
>in question and its OS would be fused together to provide a unified
>environment running on bare hardware.

In that case... the current CPU architecture is about as good as 
you're going to get. What'd help more would be semi-privileged access 
to the system MMU and a bit of an overhaul to the meta-memory system 
in general. A faster double-dereferencing mode would probably be 
reasonably useful too.

It's hard to say--since there's a level beyond which I really can't 
go now, I'm not sure what would be missing if I could go past it. 
Some of the old hands at this are probably better off discussing it, 
though I'm not sure any of the experimental and small-run hardware 
really got exploited to the point where you could draw reasonable 
conclusions about what could be improved.

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