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RE: Continuations

At 5:13 PM -0400 8/9/03, Anton van Straaten wrote:
>I think it can reasonably be argued that the "average" programmer does, in
>fact, have little reason to want write an interpreter.  But the same isn't
>true for an "above average" programmer.  I'd argue that too few
>above-average programmers write interpreters, because of the above factors,
>but also because of this one:

I'll add a #7:

Most programmers (above average or not) don't write interpreters 
because they neither need nor want to write them. Occasionally it's 
useful to embed some sort of scripting engine into a large app (been 
there, done that, quite useful) but for most things the average, or 
even above average, programmer does there's just no need to write an 

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