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Re: Continuations

[maybe I'm just too nervous (it's been a long day).]

"Serguei Mourachov" <smourachov@velare.com> writes:

> www.velare.com

from the first paragraph:

Patent-pending technology allows ATCT to be the only framework that
makes it possible for asynchronous long-running process flows to be
expressed and implemented in a sequential fashion, using pure Java
language. By implementing Execution Context Reification technology,
ATCT allows defining asynchronous logic on the API level. It supports
all the techniques and tools of traditional sequential programming
into the realm of asynchronous systems.

Please, please, do not patent continuations. I'm sure you know already

1) cocoon

2) Seaside

3) Yahoo! Stores

4) plt-scheme

5) (my own (which is why I jumped when I saw the words
   "patent-pending")) UCW

other than that...i agree that web development can _only_ be done
with continuations.

Marco Baringer

Baringer Electronics and Software Engineering